Adriana Sampaio

Adriana Sampaio, MD, PhD, is the lab director of the Psychological Neuroscience Lab in the School of Psychology, University of Minho, Portugal.
Her main research is in the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience, namely in the structural and neurofunctional and genetic basis of (ab)normal cognitive and emotional processes. In particular, using cutting edge technologies that combine morphometric with functional neuroimaging measures, her work aims to map specific neurodevelopmental processes associated with normal higher cognitive function and their age-related trajectories, by looking at the dynamic interplay between genetic, biological, and environmental factors that shape brain development.
As part of her work, Adriana Sampaio has published more than seventy articles in ISI journals, collaborating with several research teams (Spain, France, United Kingdom, Brazil and USA). She is the principal investigator of several projects funded by FCT and Fundação Bial. She was also awarded for her work in the area of research in Psychology.